Catalyst is a twelve week programme for mothers looking to return to the workplace but are not sure where to start. It’s for women who are struggling with identity, feeling frustrated and or lacking support in their search for more purpose outside the home. It’s for mothers who feel stuck and need help to take the first step.

“This programme helped me to start believing that a second chance at a career is a possibility, by opening new avenues and ideas. The supportive and open group environment meant that many of us were able to discuss the thoughts and fears that hold us back, and work through finding practical solutions as a group.”
— Past Participant

What we want you to achieve:

  1. Clarity and a strong sense of direction
  2. Higher self esteem and new practices in place for self care
  3. Ditching the guilt and resentment, leading to improved family relationships
  4. Deeper understanding of self
  5. An excitement about the journey ahead
  6. A feeling of confidence and control

Michaela Anchan
Programme Director

Michaela spent five years as a stay-at-home mum and knows deeply the feelings of isolation, frustration and loss of identity that can come from this time. She is passionate about helping women find clarity and direction. She has also seen how powerful small circles and accountability groups can be, to find support and courage. She is excited about bringing the power of these circles together with the power of our chosen mentors. Michaela is the founder of Woolf Works, a women’s coworking space in Singapore.


Time to reflect, explore and grow together

Highly experienced Mentors working closely with you in workshop sessions

Small Supportive Peer Circles of Women